VRS Meetings & Events… We Take Creativity to the Next Level!

We are a full service event management firm experienced in producing special events and conferences for national associations, international associations, corporations and non-profit organizations.


VRS is comprised of a team of professionals that have more than 75 years of meeting and event management experience combined. We can take a project from start to finish or become a member of your team and add support where needed. We like rolling up our sleeves and seeing a project to completion.

Past project experience includes producing events for The International Literacy Association, Scripps National Spelling Bee, Transportation Intermediaries Association, Council on Foundations, Grantmakers In Health, The Washington Redskins 70th Anniversary, Destination DC, 43rd Presidential Inaugural, 150th Commemoration of the First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run reenactment, 50th Anniversary of the Beatles First North American Concert, LivingSocial, Heart of America Foundation, and Children's Charities Foundation.


Innovation is in the mind of the beholder...the dictionary describes innovation as a change, alteration, revolution, transformation, breakthrough, and metamorphosis. Not everyone needs a revolution but we all need inspiration to create change.

You might feel as if your program sessions need more visionary sessions and less "how to," your brand needs transformed from a static appearance on paper to an onsite activation that can influence attendees, or maybe your budget needs to be more with less. Our innovative ideas will take you closer to your goal.


Many would describe our firm as "boutique" and we like it! This reaffirms our value of providing great service to a sophisticated clientele that demands attention and responsiveness. We believe in being responsive to both our client and vendor partners. Communication will ensure we deliver for you... and we like to get it right.

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