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5 Quick Tips When Designing Your Next Event Survey.

Updated: May 23, 2023

  1. Streamline registration and survey questions: Ensure that the survey doesn't repeat the questions asked during registration. Review the registration process and capture necessary data there to avoid redundancy in the final survey.

  2. Employ diverse survey promotion strategies: Extend survey invitations beyond email by utilizing various channels such as concurrent session slides, general session slides, app push notifications, signage, and other creative methods. This helps reach a wider audience and encourages participation.

  3. Offer personalized incentives: Instead of focusing solely on marketing or cost savings benefits for the company, provide incentives that are perceived as personal benefits for the individual attendees. Consider rewards like exclusive access to content, discounts on future events, or relevant resources that enhance their experience.

  4. Communicate the survey length in advance: In the invitation to participate, clearly mention the number of questions in the survey and ensure that the actual survey adheres to that commitment. This helps manage attendees' expectations and encourages completion by avoiding surprises regarding the survey length.

  5. Prioritize Net Promoter Score (NPS) question placement: Place the Net Promoter Score question at the beginning of the survey to capture respondents' sentiment before they potentially abandon the survey. This ensures that even if they don't complete the entire survey, you still obtain valuable feedback on their likelihood of recommending the event.

Remember, continuously reviewing and optimizing your event survey based on attendee feedback will help you gather more accurate and actionable insights for future events.

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