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Five Ideas to Inspire Change: Jump In - Connect & Be Open!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

1. Collaboration is Key during this ever changing time – Reach out and connect with your trusted professional village…a lot!

2. Problem solvers, resource providers, solution seekers will be the keys to personal and organizational progress – jump in, get involved, offer well thought planning scenarios, rely on trusted resource partners and be that business event solution provider for your organization, clients, and team.

3. Take a risk - Agility is key, now is the time to make the leap to implement new delivery models (digital & hybrid) – scary I know, however staying with past models is even scarier.

4. Be open to what the market needs now, understand how and where your skill sets fit, strengthen your knowledge base where needed and keep your eye on what the road ahead holds for the next 2-3 years.

5. Wellness time for your personal spirit! – With warmer weather just around the corner - enjoy, jump outside, take a walk or a run. Listen to the music that inspires you. Help out a colleague if you can--- Lift your spirit and pass it on!

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