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Five Ideas to Engage Exhibitors Virtually

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

1. Partner with an EXPO management software company that has a ROBUST profile builder for exhibitors to upload product images, videos, and more. The online profile becomes their virtual booth. A few tips:

  1. Check for the number of documents and product pictures the exhibitor will be able to upload as well as file size for video’s, etc.

  2. Does the profile builder have different levels of benefits so that you can increase your revenue for different levels of profile opportunities?

2. Create virtual roundtable discussions for the exhibitor’s to facilitate based on your exhibitor product categories and give the activity a fun name such as PopTops (Popular Topics), Birds of a Feather(Similar Interest), etc. Remind exhibitors that this is an opportunity to connect with attendees in a peer-to-peer learning format and it not an opportunity for a sales pitch. Request that exhibitors participate in a speaker coaching session in advance to help reduce “sales” pitches. How they handle this opportunity will directly impact future attendee participation in these formats as well as virtual Learning Labs. Be sure to record the sessions and have them available for distribution to attendees who missed this opportunity. You can gate the information on your website to help provide additional analytics to your sponsors.

3. Provide virtual networking opportunities such as a customized bingo game. Exhibitor company names can be used for the bingo squares. Secure an animated host to emcee the game. It is ok if all of your exhibiting companies do not fit on one game board – you can play several rounds.

4. How was it made? Tune in to find out how exhibitor’s products are made with a behind the scene tour of their factory or headquarters. Ask exhibitors to submit videos of their behind the scenes tours that can be shared through Instagram stories, IG TV or a dedicated YouTube channel.

5. Create a digital event bag full of education tips. Ask each exhibitor to submit a white paper on a topic of their choice, or partner with your education team to set the parameters on high-interest topics. This will position your exhibitors as thought leaders as well as help build a resource section on your website for members.

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